His Owner Abused And Abandoned Him And No One Wanted To Adopt Him. Until He Started Eating… 3k


Millions of dogs are killed in shelters across the US every year. Rudy was on doggy death row and about to become another statistic.

Rudy had previously been abused by her former owner very badly. He was found with a broken hip bone, leaving him unable to even walk properly. He was severely malnourished and you could see his bones sticking through his skin. On top of that, he had an array of infections and diseases because of neglect.

It was easy to see that no one would want to adopt Rudy in the state he was in, so essentially he was left to die. That’s when a local rescue group called Houston Street Dogs heard about Rudy’s story and knew that he would be the perfect dog to rescue and to give a second chance to!

They were lucky in their timing and Rudy had literally hours left to spare before he was put down.

Watch Rudy’s rescue and transformation as he embarks on his new and better life!

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