Dog Was Abandoned For So Long His Fur Made Him Look Like A Lion. Now Watch Him Get Rescued! 3k


The incredible people at Hope For Paws received a call about a senior dog living in a water treatment facility and head right over to save the poor soul. When they arrived, the dog was lying down near a semi-busy road looking startled and agitated. Not only that but they had to be extra careful because of the hazardous chemicals in the open tanks next to the dog.

When the team got a bit closer, one of them threw small chunks of food to the poor dog to try and lure him closer. Thankfully it worked as the dog came closely step by step. They needed to give him time to get comfortable with their presence but he still didn’t want to get close to the team.

They had to change tactics and decided to sneak up on him and capture him, it was their best hope to catch him without injury. They managed to get a hold of him but he still seemed very agitated and scared of human interaction.

Watch as they take him into care and make a fine mighty pooch out of him!

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