Elephants Were Separated For 22 Years, When They Reunited It Was Magical! 3k


Shirley and Jenny are two elephants who suffered years of abuse and became crippled as a result. The constantly torture they received as circus elephants left deep scars, both physical and emotional for them. They only had each other and would help feed and protect each other too.

Their relationship turned into a mother and daughter one, looking to each other for comfort everyday. When they were finally rescued, they were separated and sent to different sanctuaries. A worker noticed one of the elephants behaving sad and tried to find the source of it. They realized that they missed each other and went on the quest to reunite them.

After 22 years of separation, they finally got to be together again in the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Jenny the elephant passed away peacefully and happy in 2006 surrounded by her all of her friends at the sanctuary.

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